Treragin Wood

Some recent thinning: removing overgrown Christmas trees!

Time for some work on my own wood for a change; and very relaxing that can be.  Planted 21 years ago now, I have watched it mature over the years, and it is now being thinned for firewood.  Its kept our woodburner fully supplied for nearly ten years, but we are now at the stage of needing to sell logs to keep up.  Local villagers only – the best thing about logs is keeping a low carbon footprint!

Mowing brambles in the daffodil area

But the first job was to bleed the fuel supply in my old (fairly) trusty Massey Ferguson 135.  After some help from Dave it finally coughed into life, and I was able to mow the rides, and also along the rows in the top section of wood.  We do that every year because the last owner kindly left around 70 tonnes of daffodils growing in the field.  By mowing before the daffodils come up, we are able to pick the flowers.  Some sell on the gate, others are picked by a neighbouring commercial grower, and others survive to provide a carpet of yellow amongst the trees.  I’ll post some more photographs in the spring.

Now for some more hard work: thinning and pruning of the trees.  And if you live in Harrowbarrow or Metherell, give us a ring for some logs.