Case study: Treragin Wood

Trera­gin Wood was pur­chased by Stephen in 1991.  At that time it was a mix­ture of com­mer­cial daf­fodils and bar­ley.  It was planted over twenty years, cour­tesy of a Farm Wood­land Scheme grant, which pro­vided for 30 years of pay­ments.  The main species planted were ash and south­ern beech, with a view to long term man­age­ment for fire­wood (ash for qual­ity, south­ern beech for vol­ume).  Oak wild cherry and shrub species were also included.  We also planted 4000 Christ­mas trees in between, as a one off cash crop.

Twenty years on the wood­land is now being thinned for fire­wood.  We also mow the bram­bles in the top area every win­ter, and con­tinue to pick daf­fodils com­mer­cially.  A local field archery club also uses the wood­land, as do a num­ber of local dog walk­ing res­i­dents.  We have con­sid­ered intro­duc­ing yurt hol­i­days, but there are only so many hours in the day, so that is a project for another time.

Being so close to home we get to visit the wood every day, and enjoy mon­i­tor­ing the wildlife and chang­ing sea­sons.  Some high­lights have included grass snakes, a fre­quent wood­cock win­ter vis­i­tor, and an increas­ing num­ber of Broad-leaved Helle­borines.  In 2012 we counted 152, a record and not bad for a recent arable field!


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