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Our envi­ron­men­tal con­tract­ing ser­vices include:

Wildlife pro­tec­tion and translo­ca­tion works.  Rep­tile and amphib­ian fenc­ing. Pro­tec­tion is bet­ter than translo­ca­tion, but well planned translo­ca­tion can deliver excel­lent results, and is often the ini­tial basis of good habi­tat cre­ation.  We have under­taken a range of con­tracts, includ­ing for South West water and the Envi­ron­ment Agency.  This has included mov­ing a sand dune, heath­land restora­tion and rein­state­ment of a species rich hay meadow.

Montgomery CanalOn site tree pro­tec­tion. Mature trees are vital to the land­scape and ecol­ogy of an area.  Safe­guard­ing exist­ing trees on a devel­op­ment may be as sim­ple as fenc­ing exclu­sion zones, but in con­fined areas roots can be pro­tected with spe­cial cell-based mem­branes.  Remem­ber a third of a tree is below ground!

Inva­sive weed con­trol.  We pro­vide spe­cial­ist her­bi­cide treat­ment works, includ­ing Japan­ese Knotweed.  This ser­vice is also avail­able for the cru­cial early years of new tree plant­ing sites, where keep­ing trees free of com­pe­ti­tion from grasses and bram­bles is vital.

Tree plant­ing.  We have planted hun­dreds of acres of wood­land for many dif­fer­ent landown­ers, and can also draw up plans and apply for grants towards this work.  We spe­cialise is native broadleaved wood­lands, but can under­take any scheme, from land­scap­ing a new devel­op­ment through to larger com­mer­cial forestry planting.

Wood­land access con­struc­tion and main­te­nance.  Good access is often the key to prof­itable long term man­age­ment, and will also deliver improved con­ser­va­tion: your new access track can also be a great but­ter­fly ride.  Tracks can be built to meet the needs of small vehi­cles, larger farm machin­ery or mod­ern spe­cial­ist har­vest­ing machines.  The choice will depend on the size and slope of a wood, and how you plan to har­vest tim­ber in the future.

Pond con­struc­tion.  Work can vary from rel­a­tively small farm or wood­land ponds to much larger areas of habi­tat cre­ation.  We can help you choose the right loca­tion, advise on lin­ers and dams if nec­es­sary, and han­dle any legal require­ments and per­mis­sions required.  We will work with spe­cial­ist expe­ri­enced plant hire firms to imple­ment on the ground.

To dis­cuss your require­ments, or arrange an ini­tial free advi­sory visit, please con­tact Wildlife Wood­lands here

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