Owning a Wood

We are often asked “Why should I buy a wood­land?” Here are just some of the things you can and can­not do once you become a wood­land owner.

You can:

Keep the Wood­land all to your­self. Woods are a won­der­ful place to get away from it all. The more you get to know your wood, the more ther­a­peu­tic it becomes. Some of our woods have pub­lic rights of way run­ning through them, but walk­ers must stick to the path.

You can camp or site a car­a­van in your wood for up to 28 days each year. Any more than this and you will need plan­ning per­mis­sion from your dis­trict council.

Cut and take away up to five cubic metres (a large pick-up truck’s worth) of wood a quar­ter.  This is more than enough to keep a large wood­burner or cen­tral heat­ing sys­tem going.

Fix lots of car­bon.  Each year, a typ­i­cal slow grow­ing oak wood cov­er­ing one acre, will store around 1.6 tonnes of car­bon from the atmos­phere. (This is about the same amount of Car­bon diox­ide pro­duced by a typ­i­cal car trav­el­ling 6000 miles.)

You can­not:

Build a house. You will need plan­ning per­mis­sion which will not be granted. All our woods are impor­tant wildlife habi­tats which would be threat­ened and dis­turbed by any form of res­i­den­tial development.

You can make lots of noise but it dis­turbs all the wildlife for miles around (and some­times upsets the neighbours!)

Some favourite uses by our wood­land pur­chasers include:

  • Camp­ing with the fam­ily for an adven­ture weekend.
  • Under­tak­ing fur­ther con­ser­va­tion work, includ­ing cre­at­ing wider rides and but­ter­fly glades, or erect­ing nest­ing boxes for birds, bats or domice.
  • Let­ting a local school or scout group use the wood for events and nature study.
  • Keep­ing a wildlife diary.
  • Pro­vid­ing logs for burn­ing at home

But the beauty is it is yours to decide, man­age and cher­ish.  Keep to a few sim­ple rules and the choice is yours.  Enjoy!

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