Owning a Wood

We are often asked “Why should I buy a woodland?” Here are just some of the things you can and cannot do once you become a woodland owner.

You can:

Keep the Woodland all to yourself. Woods are a wonderful place to get away from it all. The more you get to know your wood, the more therapeutic it becomes. Some of our woods have public rights of way running through them, but walkers must stick to the path.

You can camp or site a caravan in your wood for up to 28 days each year. Any more than this and you will need planning permission from your district council.

Cut and take away up to five cubic metres (a large pick-up truck’s worth) of wood a quarter.  This is more than enough to keep a large woodburner or central heating system going.

Fix lots of carbon.  Each year, a typical slow growing oak wood covering one acre, will store around 1.6 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. (This is about useastaap.org the same amount of Carbon dioxide produced by a typical car travelling 6000 miles.)

You cannot:

Build a house. You will need planning permission which will not be granted. All our woods are important wildlife habitats which would be threatened and disturbed by any form of residential development.

You can make lots of noise but it disturbs all the wildlife for miles around (and sometimes upsets the neighbours!)

Some favourite uses by our woodland purchasers include:

  • Camping with the family for an adventure weekend.
  • Undertaking further conservation work, including creating wider rides and butterfly glades, or erecting nesting boxes for birds, bats or domice.
  • Letting a local school or scout group use the wood for events and nature study.
  • Keeping a wildlife diary.
  • Providing logs for burning at home

But the beauty is it is yours to decide, manage and cherish.  Keep to a few simple rules and the choice is yours.  Enjoy!

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