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The under­ly­ing prin­ci­ple of our wood­land man­age­ment work is to man­age in a sus­tain­able way.  Many woods in the south west are neglected, often because of a lack of knowl­edge of the local mar­kets, and a neglected wood is often one that will later come under threat.  Sell­ing pro­duce, even if lim­ited quan­ti­ties of fire­wood, can gen­er­ate an income, but active man­age­ment of a wood is often also the best thing for wildlife as well.  A thinned or cop­piced wood lets in more light, allow­ing ground­flora to flour­ish and young trees to seed in, pro­vid­ing struc­tural diver­sity, and bet­ter habi­tats for birds and but­ter­flies.  Nearly all of our woods were actively man­aged in the past; that man­age­ment has made them the unique asset that they are today.

Our ser­vices include:

  • Forestry Com­mis­sion and Defra grant and licence advice
  • Sus­tain­able har­vest­ing plans and tim­ber marketing
  • Wood­fuel planning
  • Wood­land recre­ation plans
  • New wood­land design
  • Wood­land access design
  • Wood­land restora­tion and management
  • Habi­tat man­age­ment and enhancement
  • Wet­land creation
  • Ripar­ian management

To dis­cuss your require­ments, or arrange an ini­tial free advi­sory visit, please con­tact Wildlife Wood­lands here



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