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We have selected, and listed below, a num­ber of pub­li­ca­tions which we think will be helf­p­ful for wood­land own­ers.  They are gen­er­ally quite detailed tech­ni­cal ref­er­ence works, rather than bed­time read­ing or for the cof­fee table!

Forestry Commission

Man­ag­ing ancient and native wood­land in Eng­land 64pp  1.13MB  Link

The man­age­ment of semi-natural wood­lands: 3. Low­land mixed broadleaved woods 28pp  934KB  Link

The Man­age­ment of Semi-natural Wood­lands 8. Wet Wood­lands 1.07MB  Link

Man­ag­ing dead­wood in forests and wood­lands  24pp  2.58MB  Link

For­est oper­a­tions and bad­ger setts  36pp  476KB  Link

Man­ag­ing Deer in the Coun­try­side 12pp  7.7MB (takes time!)  Link

Con­trol­ling grey squir­rel dam­age to wood­lands 16pp  1.7MB  Link

Haz­ards from trees: a gen­eral guide 28pp  8.38MB (takes time!)  Link

Involv­ing com­mu­ni­ties in forestry through com­mu­nity par­tic­i­pa­tion 36pp  558KB  Link

Nat­ural England

Vet­eran Trees: A guide to good man­age­ment (IN13Link to web page

Guid­ance on deal­ing with the chang­ing dis­tri­b­u­tion of tree species  Link to web page

The His­toric Envi­ron­ment and Wood­land Man­age­ment  Link to web page

Dor­mouse Con­ser­va­tion Hand­book  Link to web page

Devel­op­ment of good prac­tice guid­lines for wood­land man­age­ment for bats  Link to web page

The Her­bi­cide Hand­book: Guid­ance on the use of her­bi­cides on nature con­ser­va­tion sites (IN125Link to web page

Man­ag­ing Pub­lic Access — A Guide for Land Man­agers (CA210Link to web page

Other Pub­li­ca­tions

A Strat­egy for England’s Trees, Woods and Forests (Defra)  45pp  2.59MB  Link

Guide to Wood­land Cre­ation for Wildlife  (Wood­land Trust and Oth­ers)  Link to web page

The con­ser­va­tion and restora­tion of plan­ta­tions on ancient wood­land sites (Wood­land Trust) 1.2MB  Link

Deer Man­age­ment (The Deer Ini­tia­tive)  Link to web page

Com­mon Sense Risk Man­age­ment of Trees, Vis­i­tor Safety in the Coun­try­side Group 104pp 5.26MB (takes time!)  Link

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