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We have selected, and listed below, a number of publications which we think will be helfpful for woodland owners.  They are generally quite detailed technical reference works, rather than bedtime reading or for the coffee table!

Forestry Commission

Managing ancient and native woodland in England 64pp  1.13MB  Link

The management of semi-natural woodlands: 3. Lowland mixed broadleaved woods 28pp  934KB  Link

The Management of Semi-natural Woodlands 8. Wet Woodlands 1.07MB  Link

Managing deadwood in forests and woodlands  24pp  2.58MB  Link

Forest operations and badger setts  36pp  476KB  Link

Managing Deer in the Countryside 12pp  7.7MB (takes time!)  Link

Controlling grey squirrel damage to woodlands 16pp  1.7MB  Link

Hazards from trees: a general guide 28pp  8.38MB (takes time!)  Link

Involving communities in forestry through community participation 36pp  558KB  Link

Natural England

Veteran Trees: A guide to good management (IN13)  Link to web page

Guidance on dealing with the changing distribution of tree species  Link to web page

The Historic Environment and Woodland Management  Link to web page

Dormouse Conservation Handbook  Link to web page

Development of good practice guidlines for woodland management for bats  Link to web page

The Herbicide Handbook: Guidance on the use of herbicides on nature conservation sites (IN125)  Link to web page

Managing Public Access – A Guide for Land Managers (CA210)  Link to web page

Other Publications

A Strategy for England’s Trees, Woods and Forests (Defra)  45pp  2.59MB  Link

Guide to Woodland Creation for Wildlife  (Woodland Trust and Others)  Link to web page

The conservation and restoration of plantations on ancient woodland sites (Woodland Trust) 1.2MB  Link

Deer Management (The Deer Initiative)  Link to web page

Common Sense Risk Management of Trees, Visitor Safety in the Countryside Group 104pp 5.26MB (takes time!)  Link

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