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Some Year End Thoughts

The year end brings me to ponder a few woodland thoughts, which are very much of a personal mature.  While primarily a conservationist I was drawn into woodland management because I thought there were too many woods unmanaged and neglected.  The theory of the then Countryside Commission was make a small wood commercially viable and

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How big does a woodland need to be?

  The simple answer is as big as possible!  This gives economies of scale for foresters and woodland managers, but is also good for wildlife.  But then the accountant or bank manager gets involved, and it becomes a question of what can you afford? From a wildlife point of view, the technical phrase is island

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Treragin Wood: review of the year

I’ve been doing relatively little for the last two months, having gone down with a bout of sciatica.  Too much activity at Chelfham, particularly with a chain-saw, where I have been trying to pretend that I am twenty years younger than I really am! However, I have been mowing the brambles in the last couple

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Not always firewood………

Over the years I have cut and split an awful lot of firewood, but sometimes that can be a waste.  For several years I had a small chain-saw mill, which I used to plank up occasional large trunks of timber, chiefly oak.  I say small; the bar on the chainsaw (a 95cc Sachs Dolmar) was

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Horse Logging

I recently joined a Tamar Valley AONB organised woodland day at the local Pentillie estate.  The star of the show was not the woodlands, but a Shire Horse called Jack.  Horses were of course the main means of extraction for timber, prior to the arrival of tractors and harvesters.  In recent years they have been

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Treragin Wood

Kathryn is working 12 hour days at the minute, so I am in charge of walking the dogs, which means a daily trip around Treragin Wood.  This gives me time to look and think and plan ahead.  And see a bit more of the wildlife, not having a chain-saw going to frighten everything off! This

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Renewable Heat Initiative for Woodland Owners

Well finally the government have announced the levels of support for their plan to encourage non gas using households to adopt sustainable heating systems – the Renewable Heat Initiative.  It may be of interest to woodland owners in two ways: firstly you have a very cheap source of sustainable fuel, and the Government is keen

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Daffodils and firewood

We have been picking daffodils at Treragin Wood for over two weeks now, the earliest start in twenty years, and so far we have kept up with the rate of production.  So we do not yet have a field of yellow flowers for you to see yet.  The picking season usually lasts about 10 to

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Forestry Investment Reports

Every year in September, Savills produce a report on the market for forest properties. This focuses predominantly on larger conifer plantations in Scotland but takes smaller broadleaf woodlands in England into consideration. Jonathan Henson, the director of rural services at Savills remains upbeat “Over the past 12 months a combination of strong demand, and the

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Firewood – the Environmental Fuel

Occasionally we find people who don’t want to chop down any trees, but logs from the right source are among the most ethical and environmentally friendly forms of heating. Broadleaved or deciduous trees grow at a yield class of around 10 (that’s tonnes of timber per hectare every year) and conifers perhaps double that.  In

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