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Does Anyone Want to Share a Wood?

While most purchasers of small amenity woodlands do so for the pleasure of ownership it is nevertheless a big financial outlay.  Protecting the value of the investment is therefore important, and ideally it will rise in value as well.  The woodland market has been strongly influenced by the rise in the number of small woodland

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Civil engineering at Chelfham!

We have been back at work in Chelfham Woods in the last month, fitting in track work between the hibernation and breeding seasons for dormice.  Last autumn we constructed a series of tracks, and stoned them from a quarry on site.  This spring our main focus has been to build a bridge across the river

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How big does a woodland need to be?

  The simple answer is as big as possible!  This gives economies of scale for foresters and woodland managers, but is also good for wildlife.  But then the accountant or bank manager gets involved, and it becomes a question of what can you afford? From a wildlife point of view, the technical phrase is island

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Woodland Wildlife

I’ve commented before on my poor photography, so this time I am unashamedly plagiarising from Rosanna, who is taking on the ownership of Riverside Wood at Chelfham.  Rosanna has had a motion triggered camera on site for a few weeks, and has taken some interesting nigh-time shots of a badger sett and also a visiting

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Improvements at Chelfham Woods

Chelfham is one of the woods we purchased from the League Against Cruel Sports, and has been the subject of lots of planning and some improvement works.  The main issue at Chelfham has been to provide good access, for both future management and to enable future owners to get around and enjoy the woodland. After

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Access Works at Chelfham Woods

Last month I spent some time at Chelfham Woods, making a start on track improvements.  This included some minor tree felling and then working with Roger for three days.  Roger is a local agricultural contractor and a dab hand with a tracked excavator! Our original plan had been to undertake all the track works in

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Forestry Investment Reports

Every year in September, Savills produce a report on the market for forest properties. This focuses predominantly on larger conifer plantations in Scotland but takes smaller broadleaf woodlands in England into consideration. Jonathan Henson, the director of rural services at Savills remains upbeat “Over the past 12 months a combination of strong demand, and the

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Hillball Track

Some hard work the last couple of weeks! Following the obtaining of a felling licence from the Forestry Commission I was at last able to make a start on the new track, essential for future management of the wood.  Five hard days of felling followed, over a two week period (you have to take your

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Hillball Shed

Following completion of the purchase of Hillball Wood, I spent a number of days working on the repair and restoration of an old stone shed there.  Quite a few people stopped to admire the work, and ask me what the history of the shed was.  To be honest I don’t know, but I did find

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