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Woodland Grants: Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant

We attended a seminar on this grant last month, as we are considering possible applications for one of our own woods, and a private client.  The scheme is intended to help bring unmanaged wood back into production, and grants are available for professional advice and major capital works that will help improve access and profitability. 

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Some Desk Work

Having made the decision to focus full time on Wildlife Woodlands, we decided to revamp the web-site.  Something of a steep learning curve, but helped by Rachel (Simon’s daughter) and Christopher (my son) we settled on WordPress, and this is the current result.  Design and content with help from Red Snapper, and Webcube, but the

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Ash Die Back Disease (2)

Most people interested in woodlands will now be well aware of the latest threat to our woodlands, but what might it mean in practise for small woodland owners?  To date the disease (Chalara fraxinea, to give it the scientific name) has only been found in mature trees in the east of the country, but is

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Ash Die Back Disease

A ban on imports of ash trees was announced on 26th October, following the detection of Chalara ash dieback is some tree stock imported last winbter, and now in mature trees in two sites in East Anglia.  Make sure any specimens you buy have been grown in the UK, and are from a reputable nursery. 

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Treragin Wood

Time for some work on my own wood for a change; and very relaxing that can be.  Planted 21 years ago now, I have watched it mature over the years, and it is now being thinned for firewood.  Its kept our woodburner fully supplied for nearly ten years, but we are now at the stage

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Hillball Track

Some hard work the last couple of weeks! Following the obtaining of a felling licence from the Forestry Commission I was at last able to make a start on the new track, essential for future management of the wood.  Five hard days of felling followed, over a two week period (you have to take your

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Hillball Shed

Following completion of the purchase of Hillball Wood, I spent a number of days working on the repair and restoration of an old stone shed there.  Quite a few people stopped to admire the work, and ask me what the history of the shed was.  To be honest I don’t know, but I did find

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Independent Panel on Forestry

The panel was set up in 2011, following a public outcry at possible plans to sell off the publicly owned Forestry Commission woods.  The final panel report was published this month and is available from the Defra web-site.  While the panel was a response to opposition of the sale of publicly owned woods, the Panel’s

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