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Winter Storms

All our woods are soggy, but holding up well to the winds.  Treragin, however, has seen around a dozen Southern Beech blow over, with a couple seeming to lean with each new band of gales, no doubt their root plates partly loosened by the very wet ground.  I think I’ll wait to a general improvement

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The trial badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire ended some weeks ago, and the controversy around them still rages.  In the last few days policing costs have been revealed as being nearly £2.5 million, over half the cost of the actual culls themselves. A colleague and I did see a badger monitoring group gathering in

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Christmas Trees

Well what else should I write about for my last blog of the year? ! When we planted Treragin Wood we included 4,000 Christmas trees as a one off crop, in between the broadleaves.  Some succumbed to rabbits, and some never had the right shape, but I probably sold half of them, many through the

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Deer Management (2)

The reason the web-site has been very quiet for the last month is because I have been rather busy.  Most of the last month has been spent working for Dartmoor National Park, helping them with a Heritage Lottery funded project.  A rush job, as they have to submit detailed plans for their stage 2 bid

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Deer Grazing

  I’ve been working on a woodland management plan for a farm near Bude in North Cornwall.  They have 50 acres of woodland and the new owners are keen to get to grips with the woodlands.  A simple summary would be some excellent conifer stands, a bit over 40 years old, but recent broadleaved plantings

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Southern Beech – Our Ash Replacement?

Treragin Wood is now 22 years old, and I am into the second year of its first thinning.  But already I am having to change my thoughts, with 30% of the woodland being planted with ash, and likely to suffer from ash dieback disease. The original planting mix at Treragin was designed with a firewood

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Planning ahead

The last fortnight has been a little gloomy, with the first confirmed outbreak of Chalara fraxinea (Ash dieback disease) in mature ash in Devon. Fifty miles from Treragin and closing!  I have been thinking about how to respond when (and I regret it is when, rather than if) the disease reaches us. I included 30%

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If I was a better photographer…….

Things have been quite quiet at Treragin Wood in the last month.  I have finally finished filling the new log store, which is three times the size of our first.  This is to help run the new woodburner, which is connected to four radiators around the house, in our first attempt at central heating.  I

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Tamar Valley Orchards

The Tamar Valley was once a renowned area for market gardening, including flowers and fruit.  Much was transported to London via the River Tamar and then the railways.  Early springs and south facing slopes meant that early season produce was in demand.  But the markets declined throughout the twentieth century, as refridgeration and air transport

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Beanpoles and Winter Rain

This was meant to be Simon’s first blog, as he was planning to attend a Woodland Craft and Beanpole Day in North Hill, near Launceston in Cornwall.  But a heavy cold intervened, so the event was missed, but we will give it a plug anyway.  Did you know that last week was National Beanpole Week? 

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