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How big does a woodland need to be?

  The simple answer is as big as possible!  This gives economies of scale for foresters and woodland managers, but is also good for wildlife.  But then the accountant or bank manager gets involved, and it becomes a question of what can you afford? From a wildlife point of view, the technical phrase is island

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Forestry Commission Changes

The Government spending review, published in June, included a 9.6% cut to Defra, which is on top of previously announced cuts.  That is certain to mean further cuts for the countryside agencies, including the Forestry Commission and Natural England.  That’s likely to mean less staff, again, but no news yet on how it will affect

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Independent Forestry Panel: The Government Response

The Independent Panel was set up in 2012, following a public outcry at plans to sell off large areas of Forestry Commission land.  The panel was chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool, and had members drawn from the forestry industry and conservation charities.  The panel reported in July, and last week the Government finally published

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Independent Panel on Forestry

The panel was set up in 2011, following a public outcry at possible plans to sell off the publicly owned Forestry Commission woods.  The final panel report was published this month and is available from the Defra web-site.  While the panel was a response to opposition of the sale of publicly owned woods, the Panel’s

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