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Woodland and Conservation Management Plans

Well it’s been a really busy summer and I’ve neglected the website and blog somewhat in the process. Some of our time has been spent writing woodland management plans, and dealing with the impressively long new forms for the Countryside Stewardship Scheme!  The scheme now includes all the Forestry Commission grant funding, and one of

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How big does a woodland need to be?

  The simple answer is as big as possible!  This gives economies of scale for foresters and woodland managers, but is also good for wildlife.  But then the accountant or bank manager gets involved, and it becomes a question of what can you afford? From a wildlife point of view, the technical phrase is island

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Beanpoles and Winter Rain

This was meant to be Simon’s first blog, as he was planning to attend a Woodland Craft and Beanpole Day in North Hill, near Launceston in Cornwall.  But a heavy cold intervened, so the event was missed, but we will give it a plug anyway.  Did you know that last week was National Beanpole Week? 

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