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Deer Fencing at Holford

The British deer population is believed to be at its highest level for 1,000 years, with some 1.5 million red, roe, fallow, sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer in our countryside and semi-urban areas. Numbers may have doubled since 1999, according to the Deer Initiative (which promotes the sustainable management of wild deer) and other

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Some Year End Thoughts

The year end brings me to ponder a few woodland thoughts, which are very much of a personal mature.  While primarily a conservationist I was drawn into woodland management because I thought there were too many woods unmanaged and neglected.  The theory of the then Countryside Commission was make a small wood commercially viable and

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Dormice at Chelfham

We always thought dormice were likely to be present, having been recorded in a wood across the road, and with the wood having loads of suitable habitat.  I found a few suspicious chewed nuts when we were constructing the tracks two years ago, but nothing certain.  Dormice chew neat holes in a hazel nut, whereas

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Which way woodland management?

Last month saw the sad closure of the Silvanus Trust, a charity based in the south west and dedicated to conserving woodlands and bringing small woods back into active management. Silvanus was established in 1986, growing from a three year pilot called the East Cornwall Small Woodland Project.  The projects only member of staff was

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The Man who made things out of trees

Rob Penn is back with a new book about all the things you can make with ash timber. You may remember Rob as the presenter of Tales from the Wild Wood which was on BBC4 in 2014.  In a series of programmes Rob takes on the management of a neglected wood near his home in

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