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Ash Dieback Disease in the South West

The disease is now spreading rapidly in the south west.  I recently attended a Royal Forestry Society field meeting in south Devon where Bob Harvey has the disease through several acres of trees planted around seven years ago.  Last year twelve trees were affected, the year before only one.  Looking at the Forestry Commission’s latest

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Some Year End Thoughts

The year end brings me to ponder a few woodland thoughts, which are very much of a personal mature.  While primarily a conservationist I was drawn into woodland management because I thought there were too many woods unmanaged and neglected.  The theory of the then Countryside Commission was make a small wood commercially viable and

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Woodland Grants

Details of the new Countryside Stewardship grants, which will be combine the old Environmental Stewardship and Woodland Grant Schemes, are beginning to be released.  Last week an interim scheme was announced to cover three main areas of activity: 1.   Woodland Planning Grants 2.  Tree Health Grants 3.  Grants for Woodland Creation The new woodland creation

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Winter Storms

All our woods are soggy, but holding up well to the winds.  Treragin, however, has seen around a dozen Southern Beech blow over, with a couple seeming to lean with each new band of gales, no doubt their root plates partly loosened by the very wet ground.  I think I’ll wait to a general improvement

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