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Woodland Wildlife

I’ve commented before on my poor photography, so this time I am unashamedly plagiarising from Rosanna, who is taking on the ownership of Riverside Wood at Chelfham.  Rosanna has had a motion triggered camera on site for a few weeks, and has taken some interesting nigh-time shots of a badger sett and also a visiting

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The trial badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire ended some weeks ago, and the controversy around them still rages.  In the last few days policing costs have been revealed as being nearly £2.5 million, over half the cost of the actual culls themselves. A colleague and I did see a badger monitoring group gathering in

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Badger Cull: News and Opinion

The long discussed trial culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire are now underway, with Somerset starting last week and Gloucestershire this week.  There has been much debate in the media, with a majority of public opinion against the culls, but the level of detail in that debate often leaves something to be desired.  Bovine TB is

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