Small Woods Association

I’ve just finished a woodland management plan for a local farmer, helped courtesy of a planning grant from the Forestry Commission.  It still needs agreement and signing off by the Forestry Commission, which could be more interesting than usual, as the woods are part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  If you need a management plan, we would be happy to help!

Meanwhile, we have just joined the Small Woods Association as corporate members.  The Association has over 2000 members, the majority of whom are small woodland owners.  As part of the arrangements we will pay the first year’s membership for anyone purchasing a wood from us.  We feel that the networking, including field meetings, are a valuable way of learning and sharing problems and solutions with others in a similar situation.  Simon helped establish the National Small Woods Association back in 1988, so it is an organisation we are pleased to support and see thriving.  See our advice links page for their web-site.

Back at home, we have started to pick a few daffodils at Treragin Wood.  So far just enough for home and family, but hopefully we will be start selling next week.  Despite the recent cold weather the season is still a couple of weeks earlier than it has been in the last twenty years.