Archery at Treragin Wood


Toad Hollow Archers

The first morning session

Toad Hollow Archers deer target

Not the real thing; this deer is plastic!

Toad Hollow Archers recently held a beginners’ taster session at Treragin Wood.  Field archery takes place in woods, not fields, and this local club use our wood for training.  Targets are set up around the wood, and provide a course for people to follow – a bit like orienteering.  The club had eight new recruits there, despite rain threatening for much of the day.  For the taster session they set up some traditional targets, but later in the day went off around the woods.  I interrupted a spot of tractor work in order to join them for a hot lunch.  Delicious; no wonder they are doing so well!  We like to share the privilege of our woodland with others, and the archers are a lovely friendly bunch.

Meanwhile the daffodil crop, mentioned in my last Treragin post, is now showing well above ground. Twenty years ago the first show used to be around Christmas, but now it is four to six weeks earlier.  Mild autumns and climate change at work I think.  A cold spell, followed by warm weather, fools them into thinking it is spring.  But it will be about two months before the first blooms are ready to sell.