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Woodland Bats

Earlier this summer we had the loan of a bat detector from the Devon Wildlife Trust, which was left in Treragin Wood for three days.  More regular readers will realise that Treragin is in Cornwall, but the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat survey includes areas of East Cornwall close to known breeding sites, and we just

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Ash Dieback Disease in the South West

The disease is now spreading rapidly in the south west.  I recently attended a Royal Forestry Society field meeting in south Devon where Bob Harvey has the disease through several acres of trees planted around seven years ago.  Last year twelve trees were affected, the year before only one.  Looking at the Forestry Commission’s latest

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Hakeford Woods Forest School

Hakeford Woods Forest School has recently opened on some land we recently sold to Stuart near Chelfham.  He has given up a teaching job in order to develop the forest school, which is being run as a community interest company.  If you haven’t come across forest schools before they aim to build the connections of

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Treragin Wood: review of the year

I’ve been doing relatively little for the last two months, having gone down with a bout of sciatica.  Too much activity at Chelfham, particularly with a chain-saw, where I have been trying to pretend that I am twenty years younger than I really am! However, I have been mowing the brambles in the last couple

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Woodland Wildlife

I’ve commented before on my poor photography, so this time I am unashamedly plagiarising from Rosanna, who is taking on the ownership of Riverside Wood at Chelfham.  Rosanna has had a motion triggered camera on site for a few weeks, and has taken some interesting nigh-time shots of a badger sett and also a visiting

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Access Works at Chelfham Woods

Last month I spent some time at Chelfham Woods, making a start on track improvements.  This included some minor tree felling and then working with Roger for three days.  Roger is a local agricultural contractor and a dab hand with a tracked excavator! Our original plan had been to undertake all the track works in

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Treragin Wood

Kathryn is working 12 hour days at the minute, so I am in charge of walking the dogs, which means a daily trip around Treragin Wood.  This gives me time to look and think and plan ahead.  And see a bit more of the wildlife, not having a chain-saw going to frighten everything off! This

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If I was a better photographer…….

Things have been quite quiet at Treragin Wood in the last month.  I have finally finished filling the new log store, which is three times the size of our first.  This is to help run the new woodburner, which is connected to four radiators around the house, in our first attempt at central heating.  I

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